Where craftsmanship meets modern technology


For one of the most traditional crafts - that of the goldsmith's art - the era of the digital revolution has begun. 

It is now possible to create unique jewelry directly on the computer. Take advantage of your craftsmanship and years of experience and combine it with the latest state-of-the-art technology.


Creating 3D Models on the computer opens up your creative freedom, so you can put your visions into reality. Constructional hurdles due to limitations of the handcraft are easily overcome. No more time-consuming sketches or production of several carved wax models! Now you can concentrate on the creative process and the realization of your ideas.


Ultimately, this means you're saving time and money and your creativity can be boundless!


What is CAD:


CAD (Computer Aided Design) is based upon a special software, which helps to illustrate your piece of jewelry in a 3-dimensional form, before you have to invest into expensive material.


What I do:


As a trained goldsmith, I am specialized in constructing 3D models for the jewelry industry. This method can save goldsmiths lots of time and offers him an infinite number of design options, which can be implemented with the utmost precision.

With CAD it is possible to create variations of a specific model, adjustments during or after the construction process pose no problem and the piece can easily be reproduced.


CAD can be viewed as a tool on your workbench and only with your craftsmanship and creativity is it possible to produce a masterpiece.


What I can offer you:


Long try-out periods, high costs of material, complicated wax models and drawn-out phases of  coordination and adjustment are a thing of the past with CAD.


During our collaboration, you constantly retain control over the details and the final costs of your model. You know for example at all times the weight of your prototype in the different alloys. We will work intensively on your vision, in order for me to translate it into your own unique piece of jewelry.


The process:


Are you interested or have you already decided to work with me?

Simply e-mail me as much information as possible of your idea. This might be as a sketch, a foto or just a description, whereas I will sent you an estimate of costs.


Once agreed, we will start on your design which we will coordinate with a high level or transparency.  All designs and information you share with me will obviously be held in strict confidence. It is very important to me that you feel comfortable as my client.


When you are satisfied with the model, I will send the 3d file to you and/or to a professional printer/caster for further processing.


Have I piqued your interest? Then do not hesitate to contact me now